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PRE-ORDERs for PETER O'Meter (the Augmented Reality SEL Children's book) are COMING SOON!

I'm here! I'm at the point in creating a children's book when there is actually a book!

Peter O'Meter is a robot who becomes emotional when his buttons are pushed.
PETER O'Meter hold's his children's book announcing that pre-orders are coming soon

Pre-orders begin soon! (Like REALLY soon) And...the pre-order will include a

HUGE limited time BONUS that teachers and kids will love!

bonus includes: animation + SEL mini-course, 50+ page STEAM, SEL, and AR Activity Packet, signed bookplate from the author
Pre-Order bonus for purchasing the augmented reality SEL children's book PETER O'Meter

Pre-ordering the book, PETER O'Meter will give you:

50+ page STEAM + SEL activity packet

Step-by-Step Animation + SEL Mini-Course

Signed/customized bookplate to add to your copy of the book when it arrives in early August!

Watch for PRE-ORDERS to go live on it's TeacherGoals page

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