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How to Make an Apple Still Life Painting Lesson Course through EduSpark (introduction)

How to Make an Apple Still Life Painting Lesson Course through EduSpark (introduction)

Take a deep dive into teaching an art lesson with my Apple Still Life Painting Course This lesson will lead you step-by-step through a beautiful still life painting project with young students. You will not need previous art education experience to teach this lesson to your students. I will guide you through materials, techniques, and best practices so you can feel confident providing a multi-session rich lesson full of art concepts and art connections to your young students. View examples of finished art from my first graders here. The sequence of this course: Planning Step (gathering your materials) Preparing students for painting (Paint Neatly Fugleflick) Exploring the apple still life paintings of Paul Cรฉzanne Teaching students the basics of creating the illusion of depth Looking closely at the apple still life to recognize depth Begin making: create a concrete tool for overlapping Designing the composition: prepare the paper Design the foreground apple Design the middle ground apple Design the background apple Apply what you know about space to design the 4th apple Draw the edge of the table Finalize the design Get ready to paint Paint the base color of the wallpaper Paint the base color of the tablecloth Paint the apples Learn about line, shape, and color pattern Make simple pattern choices Paint the first shape pattern Paint the first line pattern Paint the second shape pattern Paint the second line pattern Learn about craftsmanship with two Fugleflicks Paint the stems and touch up the artwork Get inspired to use your black marker with a Fugleflick Trace the apple still life with black marker Label and trim artwork Glue and Mount finished piece Share final piece and download* a slidedeck for instruction *I have this lesson available as a powerpoint so you can easily teach it to your students now that you have carefully gone through all the lessons.
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