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A Moving Story

PETER o'Meter is a moving story in every sense of the phrase. It is full of emotionally touching moments and moving images powered by augmented reality.


I finished animating every page of the book! What this means is that I went through every illustration and created an animation that enhanced the story without changing the meaning. I want the book to be enjoyable with and without technology. This is a preliminary step for the augmented reality since the book is currently in layout. The designer will make adjustments to the illustrations, text, and designs as she goes through the book. When this is complete, I will line up the animations with her work. This will make the pages appear to come to life when the augmented reality is explored to make it truly moving. Meanwhile, I'm working on my launch plan and all the marketing materials (like these).

Here is a post with a glimpse of the moving images I shared this week

Are you excited about PETER o'Meter too?

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