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How I got my Book Contract (and more)

I'm a big podcast fan! I love listening to education shows, crimes, mysteries, news commentaries, and reality tv podcasts when I'm walking, gardening, painting, cooking, or anything that doesn't require math or reading. My brain can't handle both.

This podcast, Of Primary Importance, is part of NetSupport Radio.

Kat Cauchi, the editor of RISE Magazine interviewed me from across the pond to chat about augmented reality and art.

I had a chance to tell stories about my own exploration, classroom applications, and my new adventure making an AR children's book, PETER O'Meter.

Here is a segment I edited that tells the story of how the book contract for PETER O'Meter came about.

Kat filmed our conversation and edited it for youtube. You can view it here or below. She included some visuals as you listen to help demonstrate some of the things I describe.

Time stamps: