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How I got my Book Contract (and more)

I'm a big podcast fan! I love listening to education shows, crimes, mysteries, news commentaries, and reality tv podcasts when I'm walking, gardening, painting, cooking, or anything that doesn't require math or reading. My brain can't handle both.

This podcast, Of Primary Importance, is part of NetSupport Radio.

Kat Cauchi, the editor of RISE Magazine interviewed me from across the pond to chat about augmented reality and art.

I had a chance to tell stories about my own exploration, classroom applications, and my new adventure making an AR children's book, PETER O'Meter.

Here is a segment I edited that tells the story of how the book contract for PETER O'Meter came about.

Kat filmed our conversation and edited it for youtube. You can view it here or below. She included some visuals as you listen to help demonstrate some of the things I describe.

Time stamps:

01:50 - Could you please introduce yourself to our listeners?

04:19 - We're going to be talking a lot about augmented reality today (AR), so before we dive in, can you give our listeners a simple definition of what AR is?

06:43 - What are some of the benefits of using AR in the classroom?

11:17 - What do you think educators should know before using AR with pupils?

This is when I explain our transdigital art. See examples here.

All my students images and overlays are stored and displayed on our online digital art gallery through Artsonia. See an example of a transdigital lesson in our gallery.

14:37 -Quivervision example

16:50 - AR children's book covers (

17:45 - The FuglefunHouse (things that come to life in my home.

18:00 - I talk about the "Calm Down Corner" poster that comes to life with AR dancing to Taylor's Swift's song, Use Eyejack app to scan this image and see what I mean!

19:00 - Can you share an example of an AR project your students completed and what the outcomes were? Kindness AR Posters (

26:23 - How did creating those AR projects support students communication skills?

This is when I share about the emotional robots (

28:30 - Your 'emotional robots' have been a key component in using AR to support students' social and emotional learning and now are becoming a book! Can you tell us more about that please?

29:53 -I explain that we created AR t-shirts for my filmmakers to wear when their movie was screened at a local film festival.

30:50 - I tell the story of how I got my book contract for PETER O'Meter. Here is a little promo video I recently edited for the book.

36:29 - Where can schools get support and how can they best contact you?

(fyi- join me May 4th, 6:30 pm Central, for the Illinois Art Education Association Webinar about using art + animation to teach social emotional learning. REGISTER.

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