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I was invited by Anna Dyagileva of #TeachersLoveEDU to share in a global webinar about how I use technology with my students. I decided to share a collection of lessons developed around children's books.

Here is the presentation that went live on youtube. Anna was using a service called melon. It looked and acted like streamyard. She had it set up with branding, shared chat comments, changed the layout with a click, and did a great job of making it feel upbeat and interactive. We met and connected through twitter from russia to the USA reaching a global community of educators. I was super impressed.

Allow me to geek out a bit

As I was preparing for the presentation, I quickly designed a genially graphic that matched the last slide of my presentation. All I did was export the last slide as a gif, add it as a background, and set links with a transparent shape over each book cover. When I was done, Genially sat perfectly in my collection on wakelet. When I say perfectly, I mean, it is clickable and cute right there on the page! try it out.

So this made me super excited. I then tried to see if I could make a graphic to share my social links. using the same technique. It works. Check it out below. Now, I'm trying to think of where to share this kind of embedded graphic...a blog, a website, wakelet. Where else?

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