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Let your robot's feelings show!

Make an eMotion Robot with animated glow to express feelings through art, animation, and voice!

I put together a Step-by-Step mini-course with drawing guides, printable handouts, tutorials and lessons to help you lead your students or create an independent learning module to add STEAM and SEL integration in a fun and engaging way. This mini course is perfect for classrooms with iPads using the Do Ink animation and drawing app.

It is Inspired by PETER O'METER, a robot who realized it’s okay to feel every which way.

I'm partnering this month with Copernicus Educational Products to offer a discount on the iPad stand (use code FUGLE20 for 20% off) that I love to use with my students for all our animation projects. I have a class set of 6, one for each animation station in the room.

Book and course:

Use FUGLE20 coupon code for 20% off the Dewey Document Camera Stand

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