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PETER's World

View the interactive (page two) at this link

I dove into PETER's retro futuristic world over the past weeks and created buildings, vehicles, and interiors that stretched my mind and imagination. Let me show you.

To the left is a Beetlecopter

This flying machine is a BEl-airborne

Below is PETER's school bus full of robots. The glass door opens, warning lights flash and, the door folds down to let the robot passengers roll in. This bus was modeled after futuristic flying machines from the early 1900's.

I had so much fun thinking about a retro futuristic bedroom for PETER where he can watch the flying vehicles zoom by the skyscraper filled skyline from a generous bank of windows.

He can work on his school homework from his built in desk with captivating views. then, he can enjoy some television on his ceiling mounted set while relaxing on his fancy bed with a light up headboard.

I added the teddy bear (who looks straight at the viewer) as a nod to the childhood we might remember.

This is the bedroom I would have wanted when I was little. I feel like i'm on to something. When I get excited about an image, I hope it also means that it will make my readers excited too. I'm going to keep trying to channel theses feelings as I continue to sketch.