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Make it Move it Magic (Part Two)

Let's continue looking at these magical lessons.

This lesson uses beakers and flasks to teach students color mixing, turning shape into form, creating a one-point perspective design, using complementary colors, and creating an animation of bubbles using the Do Ink Green Screen App. My third graders LOVED their results.

Make a construction paper monster collage inspired by Go Away Big Green Monster then animate the monster using a free drawing app (like brushes app) into a 4 frame gif using using an iPad.

Use my lesson to make your own SEL emotional robot and my poster set to see my example robots express their feelings as they come to life with augmented reality. Use the posters as a mood meter, a color wheel, or examples for the art project.

Create an animated still Life by turning a shape into a form (mug) filled with line, shape, and color pattern. Then add hot chocolate on a snowy day by animating the steam and snow using

do ink Green Screen app. Everything from drawing to painting to animating is explained in my step by step guide.

Make a beautiful carousel horse painting then ride it using the green screen app by

Do Ink. My step by step guide is filled with drawing resources, templates, tutorials, and detailed instructions to help you and your students through ever step.

Make an expressive monochromatic Color Monster based on the SEL book, then make it express its feeling through stop motion animation. I included directions for showcasing the results with augmented reality

to be continued....meanwhile. here is a

CLickable Graphic! Click on the project you want to explore

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