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Connecting with my students

Early in the pandemic I sought connection to my students by giving them what I always wanted, an interactive TV show where they are seen and heard. I shared my thoughts about this when they were fresh in the fall of 2020.

Fuglevision was inspired in part by my desire while watching re-runs of Romper Room in my childhood, for the TV host to say my name when she looked through the magic mirror. Watch my presentation (beginning at 3:07) to see how I used remote learning to connect in unique ways with my students. Stay tuned to see the unique ways they reached through their screens to connect with me.

This week, one of my former students shared a memory of her childhood that I helped create. I taught her art from kindergarten through 5th grade. Now, she is a kindergarten teacher at one of the schools I taught at years ago. During that time I would pull out my guitar and sing a song to the kindergarten children that helped review what they learned in art class. This song was added to the Mother's Day musical performance lead by the music teacher. Sometimes I was able to pop out of art class and play my guitar to lead the song. Here is her post where she shared her thoughts:

I want kids to know that I care, I cared, and I will continue to care about them when they leave the art room. That is why I do what I do.

Want to see the kindergarten song and download the full-color song sheet?

Below is an example performance from 2010.

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