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Spooky (fugle)Fun!

Ooooooh! I have so many STEAM art projects that are perfect for spooky season! Create monsters, Dress up the American Gothic painting in a halloween costume, watch artwork come to life with augmented reality, make ghosts that lift from your iPad, and create some fall paintings. Explore them all in my Fuglefun Store. (on sale)

Want a MakerSpace Robot Costume Challenge?

Grab a box, some plastic cups, tin foil, a paper tube, paint, tape, and glue to make a PETER O'METER robot costume. I created a step-by-step guide to help you see how this was create. I included a link to this video.

Use this Guide & get started!


Wear an augmented reality eMotion Panel T-Shirt

All the resources for PETER O'METER:

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