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Practicing Augmented Reality Magic (take a peek)

I've been working on animating pages from the PETER o'meter story this week as I practice augmented reality. Here is my vision: I want the pages to lift magically off the printed material and the scene to begin to move. Below is one of my tests. This is a scene from recess at Tinkertron school. I printed it in black and white (for more dramatic effect). Here you'll see what I see when I scan the scene using Eyejack app.

I spent the week animating each of the vignettes represented:

The RoboSpinator, The Crank Shifter, The Slide-o-vator, and the MagneMover.

Here are some of the social media posts I shared while working on this scene:

Join me at the Teach your Heart Out

Summer Collective Online Conference

(learn at your own pace)

I'll be sharing about magical "make ti Move it" lessons based on children's books

including ideas centered around PETER o'Meter

Did You SEE this?

Check out

that features

7 augmented reality

Children's books.

They include

PETER o'Meter

(in anticipation).

How exciting!

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