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My Dreams are (Augmented) Reality

My PETER O'METER dreams are now (augmented) reality

PETER O'Meter holds an iPad to scan his book and activity packet. He has an excited and amazed expression on his face.

All of the augmented reality has been activated in the PETER O'Meter book and activity packet and it will NOT disappoint! This social emotional learning story is about a robot who becomes emotional when his buttons are pushed. Readers can interact with PETER as they read through the magic of augmented reality. They can help him choose which button to press for each situation he encounters. The pages are filled with AR surprises that bring the book to life. PETER O Meter is a moving story in every way.

Animated bookplate that reads: unwind with a good book, Tricia Fuglestad. The signature Tricia Fuglestad appears after a pen moves across the space. An illustration of PETER, the robot holding his book, PETER O'METER emerges from the lower part of the circle.

The Augmented Reality Features

in the book are powered by Quivervision. The book contains a Quiver QR code that activates all the augmented reality features throughout the story and activity packet when scanned with any device using the Quiver app (no extra cost.)

For an extra bonus,
Anyone that pre-orders will receive a signed bookplate that also responds to augmented reality.

Pre-order bonuses end July 28th when the book is released