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Make it Move it Magic (part one)

I've been working on packaging up my transdigital lessons for the past year or so to make them available to teacher and their students in an easy and accessible format. These lessons are, "make it Move it magic" in that students make physical art then make it move through digital animation, green screen video, augmented reality, stop motion animation, or the play of UV paint and black lights.

I remember how scary it was to integrate technology into my art lessons when I didn't feel confident about my own abilities. I knew that I was likely to be the only adult in the room trying to figure out how to manage, troubleshoot, organize, and sequence a lesson with unknown variables that I couldn't predict. Then, the magic started happening. Students started to prove they could do well beyond what I could imagine every time. They collaborated. They problem-solved. They were engaged. The curriculum content expanded. They were more patient with multi-step projects. They were becoming digital creators of original content filled with creativity and possibilities. Let me share these lessons with you and your students.

using one lump of air dry clay, Students learn about dividing clay evenly as they create a little penguin. It's a concrete way to teach division. I did this with 1st graders. The lesson includes my silly penguin riddles and a step by step guide. When complete, we worked on a class video to introduce the concept of stop motion animation. We showcased this video at the local library on an iPad looping for all to view.

I created a paper lip sync kit that includes a bunch of lips in shapes formed by speech. The guide helps you create a portrait (with out lips), plan a short message, and create a stop motion animation using the lips to make the portrait appear to be speaking. You use iMotion (free) to film and Keynote (free) to add audio. This kit make learning about syllables, phonics, speech, and communication engaging and fun.

Students recreate the flying scene from The Snowman Storybook with their own snowfriend, stop motion cityscape, and green screen video using the Do Ink GS app. I lead you through every step including setting up augmented reality.

Students Used flip book style animation to create a simple running alien in the animation and drawing app by Do ink. We looked at the artist/illustrator Andy Martin for inspiration and the story, Your Alien to create unique aliens from faraway planets.

to be continued....meanwhile. here is a

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