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MY GEARS are spinning!

Come with me as I go through the steps of writing my first children's book, PETER o' Meter. I just signed my contract with TeacherGoals Publishing. My next step is to complete my manuscript.

A children's book, Like the one I plan to write, will be about a 1000 words. I have an outline now of how I would like to see PETER discover the emotions that he can now experience after having his software upgraded with the installation of a programmable, Empathetic, Touch-sensitive, Emotional Robot panel.

I feel like I have a lot to cover in 1000 words. I hope it all makes sense. I decided to write the book in rhyme. I'm very comfortable with rhyme as a songwriter, so it feels natural. I need to think about my vocabulary as I write. I've taught k-5 students for 30 years, so I have a good feel for how to talk to kids, but, I have always used big words that I define as I speak. I probably will lean towards writing this way too.

Here is what I know so far about my writing process...

I started a list/collected ideas I wanted to include

I chose names for characters. I thought of descriptive words and phrases to explain emotional responses that reference something mechanical just like the title of this gears are spinning.

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