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Head back to school with PETER O'METER: Free SEL + ART + AR Activities

QR code that leads to digital download at

Scan this QR code or click to download an interactive Canva template for you to project on your screen or assign to your students on iPads, laptops, or chromebooks. It has fun back to school activities for day one including a drag and drop "Build PETER" game that looks at each flip book animation that is part of PETER O'METER's animated character. Download the 6 Ways to Unwind activity were students reflect on strategies to help them calm down. Then scan PETER's AR Calm Down Poster to see how he unwinds. There are links to activities found in the free STEAM + SEL + Augmented Reality activity packet where you can draw long with the artist while reinforcing geometry vocabulary, and make the drawing move with the free online AI animation tool, meta demo lab. Upload your art to the eMotion Bot Gallery on Padlet and leave the author a question on Flip. Grab your copy of PETER O'METER, the book that inspired all this great learning at