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Finalizing the Manuscript

PETER o Meter, a robot, looks concerned with hands lifted to his face
PETER o'Meter looking concerned

I just received the final edits for my PETER o'Meter story from the editor. That means the ball is in my court. I have to make my final choices about the text and call it done soon. This is when my insecurity and self doubt wrestled with me. Every time I write an article for publication, I never read it in print. It makes me feel too nervous. I don't mind the idea of submitting my work to an editor, but I do feel very self-conscious about reading it printed in a magazine. What am I afraid of? Well, here I am writing a story about emotions while experiencing some myself. What advice would alumiMum and DoDad have for me? I think they would tell me that I need to trust my instincts. If I enjoy the way the words flow, the message, and the overall story, then my readers may too. I think one thing that I need to overcome is how much of me will be on display in this story. Each robot has part of me woven in...

I can be

as daring as Argh-u-lot bot

As playful as Anna Log

as thoughtful as Mac-rowave

But I can also be

Bossy like Reggie-lator

Sassy like Ella Tronic

Fragile like Maggie Netic

So, my insecurity boils down to the question everyone asks, "Will I be liked and accepted?" It's much easier to never put things out into the world and avoid the question entirely. But, then in doing so you must ask, "what have you denied the world and yourself?"

I've been sharing my drawings along the way and letting you peek at my process and imagery.

here is what I've posted recently.

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