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Draw and Animate PETER O'METER -LIVE Stream July 26 at 2pm EST

Gather the kids and join me July 26th at 2PM EST on youtube to learn how to draw and animate the main character from my soon to be released augmented reality SEL children's book, PETER O'METER.

Make an move PETER O'Meter

You'll need:

paper (clean-no lines)

black marker (pencil/eraser optional)

crayons (optional)

phone, iPad, or webcam on laptop to take a photo and upload to to make the drawing animate!

Enter to win a book by sharing your animated drawing on social media using #PETERoMETER + tag Tricia Fuglestad (fuglefun)

Winner will be announced Sunday July 30th!

Make and Move Peter and enter for a chance to win the book!

line drawing of PETER O'Meter and an animated version on the screen of a phone. LIVE STREAM will be July 26th at 2pm EST

Join us for the LIVE STREAM on the teacherGoals YouTube channel using this link. Be ready to create with me! Click the bell to be notified when it goes live!

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