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A bunch of moving parts

I'm playing with ideas for my P.E.T.E.R.o'Meter augmented reality children's book about a robot who becomes emotional when his buttons are pushed. It's literally a bunch of moving parts right now. Turn on the sound for the embedded movie below if you need to be soothed.

My manuscript for this book is full of action language that lends itself to animation perfectly. I just don't know yet what words, scenes, and storylines I'll have remaining by the end of the editing process. So I'm sketching and playing right now as I wait to receive more guidance. I began planning out each page of the manuscript trying to think of how to draw the scene and leave room for text. I just have to remember that everything can change. I need to stay flexible.

As I am sketching in my notebook I have been pulling up images of robots from my past. It turns out I've been drawing and animated robots for years. I wasn't really aware of how robot-filled my art has become. I was animating and painting robots for my students' lessons and trying to explore augmented reality from print material back when I only knew about Aurasma (HP Reveal) which is gone now. You can see a clip of this in the video below.

Here is the direction I'm going.

Ha! Thanks for joining my journey

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