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Unveiling Magic: Where AR Meets SEL in Books - Interview with Fonz of My Edtech Life

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

I'm going to go back and listen to this interview over and over again for two reasons:

1. Fonz was so warm and kind that I completely opened up and shared my struggles and heartfelt thoughts.

2. Fonz spoke encouraging and uplifting words to me that could help me grow on my journey to come.

Here are some of the resources I referenced in my interview

Make it move it emotional robots were one of the first transdigital lessons

that had us playing with augmented reality while showcasing our results. Students made a robot, animated the robot digitally, and then viewed the two simultaneously with augmented reality. Check out this lesson for all the steps.

graphic showing how the hologram effect works. A prism is placed on an iPad. The animated ghost (copied and rotated 4 times on the ipad playing continuously) is reflected by a prism. This creates a holographic effect as it appears that the ghost is floating off the ipad into the center of the prism.

I talk about a VERY motivating and engaging hologram lesson that I did with 2nd through 5th graders. Check it out here. In this lesson, students created a flip book style ghost animation in the Do Ink Animation and Drawing app. They duplicate & rotate the animation and set a prism in the center. This reflects the art and creates a holographic effect. My students literally begged to try this project.

A visual index of the 48 fugleflick, student-created art-related films by kids for kids

Allow us to Illustrate and Swept Away are two award-winning Fugleflick films that my students created to educate, engage, and inspire students on an art-related topic. All of our Fugleflicks, created over a 15 year span of time, have been collected in this interactive eBook for teachers to use with their students for independent learning or mini film festivals. The book comes with a PDF packet that can be printed for students to scan QR codes to access movies or they can pull up the eBook and click through it to see the embedded movies. The book also includes a collection of trivia, behind the scenes videos, and interesting stories to captivate viewers.

PETER O'METER, my interactive augmented reality SEL children's book about a robot who becomes emotional when his buttons are pushed, was a big topic of the interview. There are a host of free resources you can download to extract all the STEAM and SEL lessons embedded in this story including an AR coloring page and drag and drop SEL check in tool.

Show notes from Fonz:

In this episode, we dive into Tricia Fuglestad's latest creation, "PETER O Meter," an AR-enhanced childrens book that entertains and educates in the sphere of social-emotional learning (SEL). It's a book that turns reading into an immersive, imaginative, and (Fugle)fun adventure. Discover how Tricias transdigital lessons, her passion for integrating technology, and her students' award-winning Fugleflicks led to this moment. Prepare to be inspired by her dream-turned-(augmented)-reality!

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