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Introducing Leightronic

Introducing (Maybe) Leightronic, a character in my PETER o'Meter story

Leightronic is a bit skeptical of robots that become emotional when their buttons are pushed.

She is based on this robot by my 5th grade student.

Leilani's Robot

I'm currently working on my second edit of the manuscript. I received feedback from my publisher and spent the past 10 days going through the story and tightening up the wording, incorporating a cool idea that will help make the story more interactive, and strengthening the conflict/resolution,

I was really relieved to learn that the storyline that I created was going to remain basically unchanged (at least for now.) My next step is to work with another editor who will analyze the story and tighten up the meter. Of course, PETER o'Meter is written in rhyme.