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For anyone who has ever had their buttons pushed...

Let's check in for a moment and reflect on my PETER o'Meter journey

Sept. 2022: inquired about augmented reality children's book to TeacherGoals

Oct. 2022: Pitched The Snow Flurry Fairy and PETER o'Meter

Oct. 2022: Signed contracts for both with PETER O'Meter manuscript due first

Nov. 2022: Turned in my first Draft of PETER O'Meter

Dec. 2022: Began sketching and dreaming up PETER's retro-futuristic robot world

Jan. 2023: Developmental Edits on Manuscript due (fine-tuning story decisions)

Feb. 2023: Began illustrating what I knew was set in the story

Feb. 2023: Stylistic Edits (digging deep into word choices, meter, rhymes)

Feb. 2023: Finalized manuscript, ready to dive into illustrations