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For anyone who has ever had their buttons pushed...

Let's check in for a moment and reflect on my PETER o'Meter journey

Sept. 2022: inquired about augmented reality children's book to TeacherGoals

Oct. 2022: Pitched The Snow Flurry Fairy and PETER o'Meter

Oct. 2022: Signed contracts for both with PETER O'Meter manuscript due first

Nov. 2022: Turned in my first Draft of PETER O'Meter

Dec. 2022: Began sketching and dreaming up PETER's retro-futuristic robot world

Jan. 2023: Developmental Edits on Manuscript due (fine-tuning story decisions)

Feb. 2023: Began illustrating what I knew was set in the story

Feb. 2023: Stylistic Edits (digging deep into word choices, meter, rhymes)

Feb. 2023: Finalized manuscript, ready to dive into illustrations

Feb. 2023: Planned artwork and text for every page of the book

March 2023: Marathon of art-making. Finished 50+ illustrations for the book

March 2023: Handed off illustration files to book layout designer

March 2023: began animating my pages for augmented reality

March 2023: Began gathering my book Launch Team (can still join here)

March 2023: Begin creating the Activity Packet to accompany the book

March 2023: Start creating marketing materials for book launch (example above)

Anna Log

I'm LOVing this process. It feels wonderful to have professionals gather around your creative ideas to support you with their enthusiasm and talents. It's something I've very rarely experienced as an elementary art teacher. I'm usually the one who does all the giving and all the supporting. That's what teachers do. It's hard for me to ask for help because I'm always the only person in my school who does what I do. It never really occurs to me that others would want to come along side me and help make my projects better, more polished, more amazing.

It's a bit like Anna Log. All her energy goes into engaging and entertaining others. She longs to shine the spotlight on the ones around her. At times, she finds herself in a situation she can't solve by herself. It's wonderful at those times when she finds herself supported by friends,

I've been posting this week about my progress animating and designing learning materials. Check them out below.

Thanks for reading and joining my journey